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Structural is a SaaS people platform that leverages different sources of data to unleash talent in organizations and build more effective teams.

Structural takes advantage of the evolution of HR technology.  HR tech solutions have transitions from structuring people processes like payroll to gathering and organizing data through surveys and intranets.  Structural is the next-gen HR technology that is real-time, multi-modal, prescriptive, and integrated, and that's bought by business leaders rather than HR or IT.


Dispatch is solving the biggest problems in last mile delivery for B2B industrial companies -- unknown length of delivery, unknown recipient for the courier, and unknown wait time for the recipient -- with a user-friendly platform and mobile app.

Traditional in-house fleets are capital- and labor-intensive.  Dispatch leverages the power of a gig economy to deliver greater efficiencies throughout all parts of the exchange.

Dispatch is the Uber of industrial B2B delivery, and we're excited to see its continued growth!

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Learn more about the characteristics that Atland Ventures looks for in prospective portfolio companies and the typical investment process, including size of investment. We accept inquiries from prospective entrepreneurs regardless of affiliation with the University of Minnesota.

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