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Alumni Testimonial

"I'm extremely fortunate for my experience with Atland Ventures.  I learned how to think like an investor, and most importantly, take ownership of my work.  I developed a skill-set that I was not able to during internships, including evaluating the risk/reward dynamics of an investment, understanding what makes a startup successful, and looking at businesses from a long-term perspective.  Being able to run an investment process that culminates in an investment thesis presented to industry professionals was such a unique experience to have as an undergrad and will be invaluable as I pursue a career on the buy side." - Emily Ross, Investment Banking Analyst at Perella Weinberg

"The exposure we got to top startups, entrepreneurs, and investors in the community was incredibly valuable and solidified and complemented many conceptual ideas we learn about in textbooks.  I look back on many insights and learnings I got through Atland even after graduation, and I'm very thankful for the experience.  I would highly recommend Atland to everyone!" - Indu Damodar, Business Development Analyst at Microsoft

"If you find entrepreneurship and finance exciting, and you're looking for a multi-disciplinary experience that challenges you to develop both quantitative and qualitative skills, Atland is the right place for you." - Harshil Chahal, Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst at General Mills